Thursday, July 1, 2010

And I Don't Even Like Yellow!

So, in an attempt to make up for the lack of blogging yesterday (sorry, I had my MBA class last night I had to read about accounting, icky!) I am going to present to you an uber lovely business card design. It makes me want to redesign my own logo, which in my opinion is juvenile to the direction I am currently in. But any who, these are GORGEOUS! And the thing is, I don't even like yellow! I have one half way yellow skirt, which I happen to be wearing today, but that's it! Maybe as a blond I just never thought it went well. Who knows maybe when I become a redhead later this summer I will go with it a little more?

Anyway I saw these on Oh So Beautiful Paper one of my favorite daily reads! I couldn't help it, I needed to add them to this ongoing idea book that is this blog.

They just make me want to learn letterpress first of all and second of all I need to find a comparable font for my own shenanigans. Ms. Hische of course developed this text herself. It is her specialty after all. If you have never seen her work, and you enjoy type be sure to check out Daily Drop Cap, and if you are even more intrigued, here is a link to her portfolio site.

And while we are on the work of Ms. Hische, I have one more image for you!

These are the business cards she crafted for her Daily Drop Cap. I love how they use such a simple, almost forgotten style for a font and then accents it all off with the flair of her own design. They really are lovely. Somewhat nostalgic but with modern elements, like the square shape, that the modern designer can appreciate. This woman really is a genius. I strongly encourage checking out more of her work!

So lets add to the list of things to do in my life, redesign cooler business cards! I mean to put it simply.

Punctuate away,


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