Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Sugar or Two?

Since the Hub's and I are moving, in a couple of very short months, I am on a decorating kick. You know, when you are all excited about moving into a new space and you just think all day about how you can reinvent it to be just yours. Ok, well I do that! One project I know I have wanted to tackle for a while is changing out the drawer pulls on our "old person" bedroom set. I really think these would do the trick to make it just a little more "us."

Back to the point! I was perusing the Anthro site and came across these pretty amazing chandeliers. I am not sure if I would ever have the guts to hang anything this quirky in our home (or if the Hub's would let me), but I do appreciate them for what they are.

I just can't get over how unique these are! I mean, imagine the conversation a piece like this in your dining room would start. I would have to hold regular tea parties if I had that first chandelier. Hands down.

Would you be gutsy enough to give one of these a try?

{image cred: Anthropologie}

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


What I wouldn't give to live or work (or both!) in a space like this. Absolutely brilliant.

{image cred: Giorgio Possenti via Black*Eiffel}

All Dressed Up

I have been meaning to blog about this adorable Etsy shop for a while. It amazes me how I let it slip. I cannot get over a) how super cute this product is and b) how absolutely dapper this dog is. I think the amazing photography is what drew me into this shop, it really is stunning and makes all the difference. Without further ado may I present the brilliance of SillyBuddy:

Seriously!?! How cute is that guy. The Hub's desperately wants a puggle and gazing at this shop with me did not help. I still have my fingers crossed for a lab, but if we can find a little one as studly as this guy I am sold.

Now, I am wondering if I can order one of these lovelies for my Woody-cat? He can rock a bow tie.

{image cred: SillyBuddy}

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh My, Good Gracious

I have a new object of affection. Hit the Dock Rudy by Kate Spade.

And of course this particular purse would not be complete without the cutest coin purse I have ever seen. Isn't it just perfect for this bag?

I may need to purchase these items (hey, at least the purse is on sale!) with the first paycheck from my new job. Yup! Thats right! This lady gets to leave "the 9-5" for something far more exciting and intellectually compelling. My new position is entitled "Social Media Manager," I know you must be as happy for me as I am because I have not spared complaint these past months.

The Hub's and I will be packing up and moving north to Annapolis, MD over Memorial day weekend. We could not be more thrilled to be closer to family, friends, the Bay, the beach and fresh seafood! This is a very welcome change. Peace out Hill City!

With all that said, wouldn't this purse be simply perfect for purusing the streets of such a nautical town? Excited. Yes.

Expect posting to be light for a while during my adjustment. I start the new job on Monday (yup, that means back here until the end of May). After that I am back, full force and hopefully better than ever!

{image cred: Kate Spade}

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