Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Vibe

OK, I have a mixed opinion on the whole "vintage wedding" thing. I think some couples pull it off magnificently and others kind of miss the mark. It is a concept that can be easily overdone if not executed properly. Despite my opinion on all of that, there is one concept of vintage weddings I am totally on board with (or for any wedding actually). I love the concept of heirloom or vintage jewelry. There is something so classy about it. I mean how cool is it that one ring could see more than one love and serve more than one couple. That is just too cool, it's like the jewelry is living out it's legacy.

I stumbled across the work of Erica Weiner, and fell in love. I already have one of her pieces on my Christmas list (ahem, Jon!) but more on that later. While she does have a permanent collection, she also has a small showcase of vintage wedding jewelry. And let me tell you, as much as I absolutely adore the ring the Hub's picked out for me, there is something so special about these pieces from the 1920's and 1930's.

I just cannot get enough. These settings are just so beautiful. I think modern culture has driven us to be so materialistic all we see is the size of the diamond. Here, it is about the jewelry as a whole, not just the stone. In these cases, the sapphire rings are just as beautiful if not more gorgeous than the diamond pieces.

Seriously, go check out her stuff. You won't regret it and I bet you find something to add to that Christmas list your Mom is starting to bug you about (they start early, don't they?).

Happy shopping!

{image cred: Erica Weiner}

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little Break

As I mentioned to y'all on Friday, me and the Hubs went on a little mini vaca. It was much needed to say the least. We got married in May, so all of our vacation time went to the wedding and the honeymoon. Our butts have been in Lynchburg all summer! So this was our chance to get away for a long weekend.

Friday night after work we headed off to Kitty Hawk, NC to pay a visit to Jon's Aunt Chele. I had never been to her beach house, and Jon hadn't been since high school, so we were glad to go visit!

Alright, I will just go ahead and get to the good stuff...all the pictures of course!

We had such an awesome trip! I know, I know I got carried away with the pictures, but you guys hardly ever get to see us. So there you go! 

In case you were wondering, we got to climb to the top of Currituck Lighthouse, which is where all those amazing pictures of the staircase were taken. I just could not get enough of those floors and that iron staircase that was painted green! It was such a classy place. The brick, the iron, the marble, the tiled floors. It was amazing. I love lighthouses. This was Jon's first time at one, so that was pretty exciting!

We also went to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, where man took the first flight. I think the last time I was here I was three, so it was super cool. I got slightly obsessed with that building. I loved that it was trimmed with bright orange, it just added to all the retro exhibits inside. And the actual memorial, yeah that was sort of a hike but you could see the whole town from up there! It was a great ending to a great weekend. 

I love getaway weekends. I hope we get to do another soon. Or better yet, take off to a new city...keep your fingers crossed, it just might happen. 

{image cred: Jessie-Lee's iPhone 4}

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I have no words for how this day has started. I was all refreshed and feeling really good coming off a wonderful extended weekend (promise to post on that later). And then I came to work. I hate my job. It is quite possibly the worst thing ever I could be doing with my education. In fact, I am not even using that $128,000 worth of knowledge my parents so willingly paid for. I do the job of someone with a GED. No words. I need a creative position and I need one fast, as in yesterday is too long to wait.

Since I have been gone so long and I promised posting for today I give you this.

I need one of these and a bottle of wine. And for 6pm to get here. Yes, my job is this crappy considering it is not even noon.

Anyone want to hire a graphic designer? I am totally up for grabs! Nothing is keeping me here I tell you! Well medical insurance is pretty important I guess. But at this point I will take a design job for payment in just food...and medical insurance. Urgh, life in your early twenties is officially zero fun.

Does anyone else have these woes? Or am I just a whiny pissy pants?

{image cred: Knock Knock}

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Kitsch

What a find for today! Seriously, these made my morning and I have no doubt you will fully enjoy them too.

Wit & Whistle is my new favorite stationery shop. From this point forward this is where I am going for all greeting cards. They are just too original, and well designed might I add.

I just love them! And I am also swooning over the photography skills here. Some Etsy shops have it and some don't and this one pulls it off magnificently. I always find that well photographed shops hold my interest so much more, don't you? Major props!

Wit & Whistle also runs a blog, which is pretty snazzy. I am adding it to Bloglovin as we speak. What can I say, I am impressed. I told you this was a good find! And might I add I am totally jealous of this chick, she is pulling off the lifestyle I can only imagine having; the blog, the stationery, the career you enjoy waking up to everyday. Yeah, I have a large green monster on my back here. I guess situations like these let me know it's possible, and I need that to get through the day sometimes.

I really hope these super fun cards jump start your weekend. I know I am completely ready for mine to get here already (more on that next week).

{image cred: wit & whistle}

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P.S. The Hub's and I are taking a mini-getaway weekend, we need some romantic time. So, that means I may or may not be around these parts on Monday (it all depends on if I am sanctioned to leave the MacBook home or not!) Just stay with me, I will for sure be back on Tuesday.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Classy Coasters

Yeah, that is a pun on words.

Ran across these today and I think they are devilishly cute.

Get it? Come on you know it's funny.

{image cred: blackdogpress via Etsy}

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P.S. I am having a bout of "bloggers block," hopefully I can get it together for y'all by the end of the evening.
P.S.S. I will readily take submissions if any of you graphic designers want a feature! Drop me a line.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Warm and Fuzzy

The weather is completely awful here today. It is seriously giving me the blues too. Sometimes, rainy days are just not welcome.

But, if I had a warm, fuzzy and cozy outfit like this; my day would be just a little happier.


American Eagle

J. Crew

Tommy Hilfiger
 See, you can't tell me that outfit wouldn't make a rainy day seem just ever so smitten.

I wish.

{image cred: links provided under their respective images}

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