Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All Dressed Up

I have been meaning to blog about this adorable Etsy shop for a while. It amazes me how I let it slip. I cannot get over a) how super cute this product is and b) how absolutely dapper this dog is. I think the amazing photography is what drew me into this shop, it really is stunning and makes all the difference. Without further ado may I present the brilliance of SillyBuddy:

Seriously!?! How cute is that guy. The Hub's desperately wants a puggle and gazing at this shop with me did not help. I still have my fingers crossed for a lab, but if we can find a little one as studly as this guy I am sold.

Now, I am wondering if I can order one of these lovelies for my Woody-cat? He can rock a bow tie.

{image cred: SillyBuddy}

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