Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No. Not Christmas.

Project Runway!!

My favorite, most favorite show in the entire Universe started this past Thursday night. And I am not afraid to admit, I live tweeted the whole thing (@jhyphenl)!

So lets recap, shall we?

To start, lets go with my favorite designer so far. I know it's too soon to really tell, but this guy takes the lead in my mind. I will admit, not my favorite outfit of the night, but from what I saw on the pre-show, I'm into it.

Anthony Ryan

This was my favorite look of the night. It's pretty amazing considering they used pj's and a bed sheet. I have mad fantasies about having dresses like these fill my closet.

Viktor Luna

I thought this look came together, but I am really not into the fact that this chick cannot sew. If there is one thing I learned in college it is that you are nothing without a knowledge of fundamentals. I have a feeling the camera is going to love the drama around her, but she will be short lived. On a more positive note, she has style.

Anya Ayoung

This look was crazy chic. I have got to give this guy some props. He knows how to style, it made this look.

This dress was cute. I am not thrilled he won the challenge, the man has a background in fashion! His entire existence makes me miss Peach. He just can't compare. 

Didn't love the jacket here, but that skirt is to die for! 

I loved this dress! But that puking clown made me lose faith in this girl. Humor should not cloud your design sensibility. I feel like they should have called her out on it. 

And now for the worst. I fully agreed with who got sent home, but this guy does not get let off the hook. I know the challenge was limiting, but based on what his peers put out there are no excuses. This was terrible!! Sweats with heels? Seriously?!?

If you don't watch this show, I recommend it! Highly! It really is a feast for the eyes and the design mind. Design is design no matter the medium, which is why I find it completely inspiring.  

Let me know what you thought of this weeks episode! I'll be back on Twitter Thursday night, more than likely putting my two cents in. 

{image cred: Project Runway via}

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