Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting Into It

So, I am just really getting into Polyvore. I love having it as a resource! I have seriously been missing out. Then again, now I want so many more things than I already have, but I think that is more being a girl than anything to do with Polyvore.

Ok so I had a go at picking out an amazing J. Crew outfit. Here is to a first try!

Oh man, and it is so nice to blog with! Ahhhh! Ok, for the new year I think I may instill at least one Polyvore post per week.

Let me know what you think!

I hope all of you had amazing winter holidays! I am so sorry I missed you, but I was quite busy myself. I promise from here on out to be posting at least five days a week. I have begun to reshape some priorities for 2011 and blogging is in the top five. The 9-5 got thrown out! And for good reason! I plan to tell you so much more about my resolutions later this week.

Punctuate away,


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