Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Retro Staple

The saddle shoe. How iconic are they? They were one of the prized possessions of the 1950's and they still have the same character. In fact, I remember getting more than a couple of pairs of these puppies from K-Mart back in the day. They used to be my "dress shoes." Oh how far I have come, but it still doesn't hurt to bring back an old classic.

At least G.H. Bass thought bringing them back was a good idea, and with some modern style.

I know right?!? And the best part...$69! A shoe that cute under a hundred bucks. Yes Sir, I need to get me a pair of these. Now I just have to decide which color. That is a problem. The black and white is incredible classic, the brown is very functional, but the gray gives them a much more modern edge. According to Lovely, new styles are due out for Spring, courteous of  Rachel Antonoff  Suggestions are welcome! Which ones would you go for?

Oh for the love of shoes.

{image cred: G.H. Bass}

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