Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can I live Here?

Good morning good world! So I really don't like taking things from the super popular blogs I read, but this has exceptional merit. I love Design*Sponge. I could sit there all day everyday and just dream that I was actually one of those brilliant ladies that worked there. (Don't get me started on dream jobs, we would be here for years). But for now I want to show you this super awesome home.

This is the home of Abigail Ahern, an interior designer from the UK (damn Brits, always bloody brilliant!) Don't I seriously wish I were her? Ahh to dream.

I really do love these bookshelves. I have such a hard time finding an attractive way to store my books. Right now they are on a lovely put it together yourself Target black veneer bookcase that is not even level. Oh well. These remind me so much of the build in bookshelves my Dad now has in his den, as well as the ones I grew up with in our "old living room" as we used to call it. I remember being so little and wondering if I would ever learn to read all those books. I want this some day. Hey Jon! Do you hear that? Our first house has to have built-in's!

Can I just say how much I love these dark walls? You would think it would make a home so dreary and uninviting, but it looks so cozy! And the hot pink! So risky, but they pulled it off wonderfully. ...Swoon.

Woody (more on the fatcat later) and I would be perfectly content curled up napping in this window on a rainy day.

I long for a staircase in my home one day. So I can do just this! I want to purposefully place a bunch of random photos, or letters, or my art or anything striking in a random yet perfectly placed manner. So wonderful. And do we need to even mention the hardwoods? Oh what I wouldn't give...

If I had records, this is what I would do with them. Build a floating shelf, put a super chic vintage lamp on top and store all of my magazines right underneath.

I love the consistency of this place. Each room holds its own personality, but you don't have any kind of shock value from one room to the next. It's nice, peaceful, serene. I would love to come home to such a safe haven of good design. Maybe one day, for now its all about saving for a down payment. But, just to let you know this is excellent inspiration.

A big thanks to Design*Sponge for the original post!

If you are seriously swooning over these images, find out more here and here. It is totally worth it!

{image cred: Design*Sponge via Graham Atkins Hughes}

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P.S. What do you think of a "Can I Live Here?" regular Tuesday post? Let me know, I would love to know if I have any readers!

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