Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Words to Live By

Really loving these prints from Roll & Tumble Press, I feel like some of these cuter, more inspirational yet kitschy ones could look really awesome collaged above a bed. Sort of like a words to live by mantra sort of thing, you know you have to have stuff like hope, laughter, and love in a marriage. Well that is the way I would take them all.

Congrats Dude's great work! I will be purchasing one of these, or maybe the whole collage idea (gotta clear it with the Hubs). Above the bed sounds good. I like it! Just got to hit up the Estate Specialists for some awesome frames! Oh and by the way, wouldn't the print with the pink accents look awesome in that house from this morning? I wonder if they even know about it? Ha! Gotta love the connections of the blog world.

{image cred: Roll & Tumble Press via Etsy}
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