Monday, June 28, 2010

A Little Inspiration for Being a Little Behind

So, a while back our lovely and most fabulous wedding planner asked me to draft up some save the dates and invites to her yearly Party with a Purpose. She specifically asked for an Eastern Shore theme to include some lovely colors. And to flatter me even more, she wanted them a lot like my very own wedding invitations. Boy did I feel special! But besides all that, I am extremely behind!! She asked me about a month ago and I am thinking I need to draft up something like, yesterday to still be considered for the job. Any who I found some wonderful inspiration today and I thought I would share it with the rest of you!  

I found these over on Nothing but Bonfires, read the full post here. It was a diy project for this bride to be over a year ago. I applaud her efforts! I know mine were complicated enough and I didn't even attempt the thought of envelope liners. They truly are a job well done. I hope she was proud. I would have been!

Just for a little preview I enjoyed this piece of advice from the lovely Holly Burns of Nothing but Bonfires:
"May I give you a piece of advice? I think you'll find it fairly useful. If you are considering becoming engaged, I would suggest that you become engaged to a graphic designer. Sure, a stockbroker might make you rich and a doctor might make you healthy---or at least treat you to a little free liposuction now and then---but a graphic designer? Well, a graphic designer will, when the time comes, make you some really kickass wedding invitations."

Oh it's all about the details! I love the envelope liners and just all of the little touches. This is what I hope to bring her. And might I add, that font is to die for. I am over to Veer now to purchase it! I will keep you updated on the final product, hopefully it won't take too much time.

OK now just to find the time, work is crazy (quarter end = mucho overtime), MBA classes start tomorrow, and I have this job to do. Welcome to the real world self!

{photo cred: Nothing but Bonfires}

Punctuate Away,


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