Monday, January 10, 2011

Office Space

If you know me and the Hubs, you know a move is in the works. In fact I announced that last week! We have been pretty heavy on the apartment search and with the proposed salaries we should be bumping up to, we both have a few requests. 

First and foremost we want a loft. A spiral staircase, your bedroom is a separate floor from all your other crap, loft. One of my biggest requests is enough space to have some sort of an office. Yes, I know that is quite the luxury when you are looking at one bedrooms in the city but this chica is tired of settling for the so-so. (Cough, my 9-5). 

Here is my argument, I need a creative space. Most of you other designers know exactly what I mean. I need a space where I can have cork boards with pins where I can plaster my space with inspiration. It is really hard to do that in our current diggs. Currently our "office" is parallel with our dining table. On the wall above the desk is all of our Lynchburg College accolades. Yup, it takes up the whole wall; diplomas, (yeah we have the super awesome frames with the water color painting of the school, it was non-negotiable for me) field hockey and baseball stuff galore. There is just no room for any of my design materials let alone some inspiration boards. 

I want office space. 

I want to be able to shut the door when I make a mess, heck I want to be able to make a mess! Your office and living space should be separate. Oh whoa is me!

I think I found the solution here, but the Hubs is not as sold on this place as I am. In my mind it is everything I could want! Thoughts? I think it is so me!

Do any of you have this problem? How in the world do you cope? Do any of you share a desk with your significant other? How do you organize it all!! 

{image cred: design*sponge here and here}

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