Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Back

Wow, has it been a crazy few weeks at work! Unfortunately for you all, I have been inundated with my 9-5. This is not by my own choice, trust me. The world of life insurance apparently can't move forward without me coming home completely exhausted. I hope that you lovely readers can accept my apologies for taking an unplanned week off of blogging. Hopefully this will not be happening again without warning or at least some prepared posts. (P.S. if anyone would like to guest blog, drop me a line!)

So, that brings me to today's post!

After finally catching up on my blog reading (it was like whoa!) I was able to take some time and explore Etsy a bit. You would be quite surprised how much seven days off Etsy will really leave you feeling like a slacker. It sounds crazy, but not paying attention to the blogosphere for a week is like not calling my Mom for a month! I had no idea what was going on!

Back to the juice of this story. Shelley Kommers. Oiseaux Noir. Awesome. Let's get strait to the images.

I am not going to lie, I am a sucker for an awesome collage. There is something really special about mixed media, layers and images that somehow correspond to the artist, but only you can understand once they are all brought together. They are so tactile. And I want them on my wall. I am really drawn to the round ones here, the collage has no limits but the circle gives it that limit. I find it entirely necessary. Just like four of them kind of are for my walls. 

Be sure to check out her personal website and her Etsy shop, where you can buy these lovelies. 

{image cred: Shelley Kommers}

Punctuate away, 


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