Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stamp It

I have been wanting to get a return address stamp for quite some time now. My only problem (besides getting the Hub's to front the money for something he deems "pointless") is I can't decide exactly which one to get. It just seems so life altering, like whatever I pick will define our mail. I have been pondering this since before our wedding this past May. I just can't pick one. So I need your help.

I have narrowed my selections down to two retailers. So, let's see what we are working with.

From Paper Source:

See what I mean? The decision making is nearly impossible, there are simply too many choices. I just can't decide. I really like the ones that identify the last name while still including room for both first names. It just seems a bit more personal to me. But, then again I want something distinctive. I want you to get a letter in the mail from me and say to yourself, "this envelope's got style!" Yup, I think I am reaching just a little too high. Help.

{image source: Paper Source and Note Trunk via Etsy}

Punctuate away,


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