Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Kitsch

What a find for today! Seriously, these made my morning and I have no doubt you will fully enjoy them too.

Wit & Whistle is my new favorite stationery shop. From this point forward this is where I am going for all greeting cards. They are just too original, and well designed might I add.

I just love them! And I am also swooning over the photography skills here. Some Etsy shops have it and some don't and this one pulls it off magnificently. I always find that well photographed shops hold my interest so much more, don't you? Major props!

Wit & Whistle also runs a blog, which is pretty snazzy. I am adding it to Bloglovin as we speak. What can I say, I am impressed. I told you this was a good find! And might I add I am totally jealous of this chick, she is pulling off the lifestyle I can only imagine having; the blog, the stationery, the career you enjoy waking up to everyday. Yeah, I have a large green monster on my back here. I guess situations like these let me know it's possible, and I need that to get through the day sometimes.

I really hope these super fun cards jump start your weekend. I know I am completely ready for mine to get here already (more on that next week).

{image cred: wit & whistle}

Punctuate away,


P.S. The Hub's and I are taking a mini-getaway weekend, we need some romantic time. So, that means I may or may not be around these parts on Monday (it all depends on if I am sanctioned to leave the MacBook home or not!) Just stay with me, I will for sure be back on Tuesday.


  1. These are great! You always post the best design inspiration.

  2. I think that these are my favorite cards that you've posted so far! These definitely aren't your grandparents' cards!!


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