Monday, October 18, 2010

Smart and Chic

I eyed these Kate Spade clutches a while back, but after coming upon them again today I knew I needed to share.

What a conversation piece one of these would be! And to top it off, they look good. Really good. I would carry one in a heartbeat (anyone feeling generous enough to provide me with one?).

These are all part of Kate Spade's Book of the Month Clutch collection. Personally, I love anything that includes classy typography and if I can wear it or carry it, that makes it even better!

One of these might have to be added to the Christmas list (and yes Babe, they are that much!). I know, I am dreaming, but where would we be without dreams? They are just so pretty.

{image cred: Kate Spade 1, 2, 3}

Punctuate away,



  1. love these clutches! they will be such a discussion starter at partys!

  2. I want one...or all of them! I've always liked Kate Spade but they are definitely upping their game. I can find soooo many things I want just on the first page of products alone.


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