Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have no words for how this day has started. I was all refreshed and feeling really good coming off a wonderful extended weekend (promise to post on that later). And then I came to work. I hate my job. It is quite possibly the worst thing ever I could be doing with my education. In fact, I am not even using that $128,000 worth of knowledge my parents so willingly paid for. I do the job of someone with a GED. No words. I need a creative position and I need one fast, as in yesterday is too long to wait.

Since I have been gone so long and I promised posting for today I give you this.

I need one of these and a bottle of wine. And for 6pm to get here. Yes, my job is this crappy considering it is not even noon.

Anyone want to hire a graphic designer? I am totally up for grabs! Nothing is keeping me here I tell you! Well medical insurance is pretty important I guess. But at this point I will take a design job for payment in just food...and medical insurance. Urgh, life in your early twenties is officially zero fun.

Does anyone else have these woes? Or am I just a whiny pissy pants?

{image cred: Knock Knock}

Punctuate away,


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