Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Vibe

OK, I have a mixed opinion on the whole "vintage wedding" thing. I think some couples pull it off magnificently and others kind of miss the mark. It is a concept that can be easily overdone if not executed properly. Despite my opinion on all of that, there is one concept of vintage weddings I am totally on board with (or for any wedding actually). I love the concept of heirloom or vintage jewelry. There is something so classy about it. I mean how cool is it that one ring could see more than one love and serve more than one couple. That is just too cool, it's like the jewelry is living out it's legacy.

I stumbled across the work of Erica Weiner, and fell in love. I already have one of her pieces on my Christmas list (ahem, Jon!) but more on that later. While she does have a permanent collection, she also has a small showcase of vintage wedding jewelry. And let me tell you, as much as I absolutely adore the ring the Hub's picked out for me, there is something so special about these pieces from the 1920's and 1930's.

I just cannot get enough. These settings are just so beautiful. I think modern culture has driven us to be so materialistic all we see is the size of the diamond. Here, it is about the jewelry as a whole, not just the stone. In these cases, the sapphire rings are just as beautiful if not more gorgeous than the diamond pieces.

Seriously, go check out her stuff. You won't regret it and I bet you find something to add to that Christmas list your Mom is starting to bug you about (they start early, don't they?).

Happy shopping!

{image cred: Erica Weiner}

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