Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little Break

As I mentioned to y'all on Friday, me and the Hubs went on a little mini vaca. It was much needed to say the least. We got married in May, so all of our vacation time went to the wedding and the honeymoon. Our butts have been in Lynchburg all summer! So this was our chance to get away for a long weekend.

Friday night after work we headed off to Kitty Hawk, NC to pay a visit to Jon's Aunt Chele. I had never been to her beach house, and Jon hadn't been since high school, so we were glad to go visit!

Alright, I will just go ahead and get to the good stuff...all the pictures of course!

We had such an awesome trip! I know, I know I got carried away with the pictures, but you guys hardly ever get to see us. So there you go! 

In case you were wondering, we got to climb to the top of Currituck Lighthouse, which is where all those amazing pictures of the staircase were taken. I just could not get enough of those floors and that iron staircase that was painted green! It was such a classy place. The brick, the iron, the marble, the tiled floors. It was amazing. I love lighthouses. This was Jon's first time at one, so that was pretty exciting!

We also went to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, where man took the first flight. I think the last time I was here I was three, so it was super cool. I got slightly obsessed with that building. I loved that it was trimmed with bright orange, it just added to all the retro exhibits inside. And the actual memorial, yeah that was sort of a hike but you could see the whole town from up there! It was a great ending to a great weekend. 

I love getaway weekends. I hope we get to do another soon. Or better yet, take off to a new city...keep your fingers crossed, it just might happen. 

{image cred: Jessie-Lee's iPhone 4}

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  1. You two are so cute! I love the photos of the staircases, my dream house would definitely have a spiral staircase in it. I think that the next city you guys visit should be Boston! I'm right around the corner from the Sam Adams Brewery and then a quick T ride to downtown. I haven't explored that much yet so you guys should come and do some exploring with me! And PS you should also get on Skype much more, I miss you!


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