Thursday, August 19, 2010

All About August

As my birthday is edging closer and closer upon us, I think it's time for a looksy at some August things. One of the best things about being a girl and being born in August is that your birthstone is lime green. And I happen to love lime green. My glasses are even lime green. Completely impractical but lovely all the same. Don't attempt to make this argument with my mother, she has always said her girls have the two ugliest birthstones out of the whole year. OK, my sister was born in November and lets face it topaz might be the ugliest stone out there. But, nevertheless no need to hate on peridot!

So today my dear readers, I have brought you some lovely peridot Etsy finds!

I am totally in love with the rough cuts. They are so modern and classy. I would kill for those studs. Might have to get me a pair at some point, they would look great with my glasses!

What are your birthstones? Do you love it or hate it? Do you have a favorite piece of birthstone jewelry? Share away!

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