Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Color Makes Me Smile

I know, this is nothing new. The Internet has been offering these rainbow libraries up for some time now, but they are just so pretty! How could you not want one of these in your house? I would, we have already explored my obsession with built in bookcases a while back. This would fill those shelves in the most wonderful way possible. Give me a rainbow, a leather couch and my nap blanket anytime! Oh and add in a good cup of tea, and potentially the Woodycat (he can't resit the nap blanket).

Seriously, how would you not love to have that in your house. OK I get it, the books might be hard to collect. Plus, if you are anything like me you will start buying books based on their color rather than their content. Yes, yes I do judge a book by its cover. It is the curse of the graphic designer. Just ask the Hubs, it's difficult to go grocery shopping with my because I always buy the product in the prettiest package!

If you are seriously considering mixing up your library, but are confused how to do it I recommend this site (via Brooklyn Limestone). Wonder Book allows you to buy books by linear foot, according to color. See they make this great feat simple! Then you will have a million books in all kinds of random genres, cool right?

What do you think? Would you do it? Give me a house with built in's and I am all over it!

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  1. I tried to do that once, but I don't have books with enough varied colored covers. I did with my DVDs one time though. That looked pretty neat.


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