Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Function Wins This Time

Currently, my living room is bare. When my sister moved into LC, she took our futon and our entertainment center. The entertainment center was doubling as our coffee table, since our TV is on the wall and it was just right for that purpose versus its original one. So, all in all, my living room has no furniture. It is one lump of blank space. I do have a plan. I know the exact pieces I want and where I want to put them. The hardest part is convincing the Hubs that an area rug is necessary, furthermore that the $199 one from Target is worth it. He thinks that is insane for a rug, he knows nothing of home decor. I mean seriously, the man prefers carpet to hardwood. There are some things I am just going to have to work on with him.

But the point of all that is, one of the things we NEED is a coffee table. I mean there is no focal point to our room and for once I am noticing that the room needs to function properly. And a coffee table is, well, an extremely functional piece. Uncharacteristic of me I know. Form over function is my indefinite motto. I have been scouring the Internet and I have yet to find the one. I am pretty close, but not sold yet. So, I found some lovelies on Etsy, to inspire me for the occasion. Problem is I wish I could afford these handcrafted beauties.

This one is my favorite of the bunch. It provides storage, while being an amazing focal point. So original.
Vintage Industrial
How awesome would this table be with other items? Such as letterpress letters!
I love the concept of this one, it hits home for me. But man, would that be a bitch to dust!

So there you have it! Amazing options more than likely we are all too poor to afford. I must say, I am very much leaning to the industrial look some of these have going on. They are so perfectly imperfect.

Whoa is me. This is going to go on for a while. I can almost guarantee you this will be the last piece to fall into place in this room. We have been trying to find a table since March. Not working. I mean I don't think our specifications are too crazy. We want a black table, with some kind of double tier thing going on (we need a shelf! or a drawer!) and it needs to look cool while being not Ikea made. I need a coffee table!

Do you have any suggestions? We have a modest budget, but expensive taste! Anything you have to offer up would be super helpful. Reference me some links people!

{image cred: listed under their respective images via Etsy}

Punctuate away!


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  1. Ok, so i definetly agree with you that the top one is the closest to what we would need or use. There are some really interesting designs of tables that you've listed here just some of which I could not see being very practical for our use. BTW I figgured out how to comment lol.....<3


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