Monday, August 2, 2010

But It Feels So Shameless

Oh the art that is resume design! And don't even get me started on cover letters, those darn things are man's most pointless invention. Sometimes I sort of (emphasis on the sort of, in fact forget the sort of I don't) wish I had a job in the non-creative industry (oh wait, I do, it blows BIG time). That way you didn't have to think outside of the box further than anyone else that wants the same position as you. Did any of that make sense? Feel free to email me and tell me to stop blabbering at any time.

Well the point of this whole post was to show you some inspiring images of resumes. At least ones that I think push the envelope just a little bit more than usual. I have to do a serious working over on my resume tonight, hence all the interest.
So without further ado...

Fabric Resume!! How awesome!
From the artist:
"Sewing is one of my biggest passions, and I wanted to convey that somehow in my resume. I printed my info onto iron-on paper, transferred it to white fabric, and sewed it to a variety of printed fabrics.

The result was an tactile item that said something about me without having to be read."

How Smart!

Well at any rate, I thought they were awesome. Defiantly some food for thought. I know I am trying to figure out ways to make my resume more personal rather than so straightforward. We will see what this evening brings us. I promise to post what I have by the end of the night, as a follow up. For those of you that have seen it before, that might just mean the info is updated. Either way feedback always helps in these situations.

Oh here are a few more links to check out if you are seriously into giving your resume a makeover, or under, all depends. Resources Oddee Hongkiat

If I find any links that need updating or you do, let me know please! Thankssomuch!

{image cred: Flickr, links under all images}

Punctuate away,


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