Monday, August 16, 2010

Looky Here

First and foremost, I am aware of my awful blogging skills (or lack thereof) the past four days. See I have been counting I am aware. For that, I am sorry.

Second of all! I bought the best Happy Birthday to me present ever!! I know, I know my birthday isn't until next Monday, but I just put these on my feet and it was simply meant to be. 

Yes, Irregular Choice ladies and gents! And the best part, ready for this ? $35.00 How is that possible you may ask. Well despite what others may say Lynchburg has a couple of perks. One, being we are a shoe town, we always have been since civil war times. Because of this Lynchburg is home to the Consolidated shoe company. The same company that produces the entire Irregular Choice brand. And we have a clearance store. Be jealous. The other perk is Lynchburg is home to a J. Crew distribution center. So, every time you order from their website or catalog and send it back, it gets put in a clearance store at 75% for me! Ha! I love it! But thats the only cool thing about living here. 

But my shoes! They are beautiful, no? 

Happy early birthday to me! I found my new favorite shoes! Did I mention they were velvet lined?

What is your favorite pair of shoes? You know the ones you will wear till they have holes in the soles. Were they a steal, or did you spend a fortune?

{image cred: Must Have Shoes}

Punctuate away, 


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