Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Hero

No joke. I think I found my new hero (not that I had an old one?). But really, I aspire to be this guy. If you could take on any design challenge in the whole wide world what would it be? I would have to think on this one a bit, but this guy picked the United States Postal Service. What! That's craziness! One of the most iconic businesses in our entire country. (Oops, hey there international readers! Keep reading, it's still great design!)

Matt Chase, the genius behind this re-design has insane skills. I could only hope to be as creative as this guy.

I mean really, I didn't even take on a project half that size for my own thesis work. This really is impressive. He thought this through big time. Man, I would love to pick his brain. He even did uniforms! I remember the time they did that on Project Runway (I can't find a link!). Wow, he nailed it.

I really wonder what it would be like to take on a project of that caliber. Truly impressive.

If you find out any more info on this guy, or this redesign please drop me a line!

{image cred: Matt Chase via Behance Network (also seen on the SCOOP and designworklife) }

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