Saturday, July 31, 2010

Make an Impact

I recently saw this over on Popytalk, and talk about design with resonance. While I am not an avid supporter of any major causes, I find it completely necessary to give credit where credit is due while recognizing the impact of a major situation.

We are all aware of the current crisis in the Gulf, you don't need me to bring that to your attention. If you haven't helped yet, but have a desire to do your part keep reading!

Dear Colleen just launched her first charity project yesterday, and everyone should help contribute to getting the word around the blogging world.

Like most of us, upon hearing about the tragic events that are still plaguing the Gulf and its natural inhabitants, something overtook us. Whether this was a feeling of grief, an urge to fight, or simply a reason to get angry; Dear Colleen decided to design. Not uncommon, most artist express their emotions through their talents. Through friendly encouragement she decided to take her idea to the next level. She created a logo displaying the word "spoil" with oil dripping, respectively. Further yet, she put it on one of the most common green items we use today, the reusable grocery bag.

Colleen is currently selling these bags in her Etsy Shop  for $12.50 USD, 100% of her proceeds are going towards  Oxfam’s Gulf Oil Spill Fund. She is also putting a high res version of the logo on Flickr, she has hopes that people will use the free image to further the cause (do the right thing people! karma can be a killer!) For links and more information please visit her blog. 

Get the word out! For a small price you get a bag that clearly speaks for the cause. Encourage friends to blog, facebook and tweet it forward!

{image cred: Dear Colleen via Poppytalk}

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