Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scrub It Up

I'm going to be honest. I am at a lost concerning what to post today. It's been a weird day and I can most definitely say the creative juices just aren't flowing. I need to go home and spend some time stumbling for new content.

In a desperate attempt to provide you readers with something fresh for today, I turned to Etsy. I know, I know its like I am dependent on that website or something. But hey, you can't complain too much, Etsy is pretty brilliant. So here is some lovely packaging to carry you through the day, well at least until I can find something much more impressive to waste your time with.

Portland General Store, has a pretty awesome line of bath products. And might I add, they are super pretty! Well, they are well designed, let's be serious here.

I adore it! It is just so simple. I have the absolute worst time when it comes to package design. I think I try to over complicate my ideas, I need to remember the book I once read about white space. Simple can be effective, good designers need to learn how to edit. That whole less is more theory, could not be more true that right here.

I love their bottles. Where can you buy super cool packaging like that? While the label on the little blue bottle is not my favorite, I want the little blue bottle! Maybe I should give the Hubs a heads up on this stuff. I am sure he wouldn't be opposed to whisky shaving cream, he would just have to keep it on the bathroom counter though. Packaging this pretty is not to be contained in drawers!

How are you designers with packaging design? Is it your favorite thing ever, or should you just leave that to the professionals? HA! I kid, we all have our own level of professionalism.

Punctuate away,


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