Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aubin & Wills

I recently stumbled over this wonderful clothing company! Those in the UK are probably looking at me like, "um duh!" But I just found it so let me have my moment!

These great outfits are some of my favorites from their Summer Styling. I highly suggest checking out their website, it is so clever. And, I LOVE their little fox logo! So quirky!

May I present Aubin & Wills...

Just lovely. I really do enjoy the textures and mix-up of patterns in these ensembles. And the shoes! Need I mention the awesomeness of the shoes! I wish I were so talented myself. I am awful when it comes to matching things that don't match. Oxymoronic I know, but I love this style! I just so wish I was better at it. Oh and by the way, how awesome is that dress! I feel that as a graphic designer I need that in my wardrobe to express who I really am, haha! So clever. Please go check out this website, oh and they have some awesome stuff for guys too! I just signed up to receive their "almanac" so hopefully that means some lovelies in the mail soon!

{image cred: Aubin & Willis}

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