Friday, July 9, 2010

Perfectly Handcrafted

Man do I love Etsy! But be forewarned, it is an endless black hole. In other words it's not exactly the thing you want to start during a mini break at work.

But to the point, handmade goodies! Odelae, "a studio strung with paper and string," was an awesome find. When I saw these handmade cards I was simply jealous. Handmade cards are so special, and to find ones with such textured paper and hand stitching was a real joy. I only wish I could incorporate so many seemingly seamless elements into my own personal projects. I always have that "hello! JL, less is more!" issue when I try to do things like this.

Gorgeous! I love how tactile they are. It makes me want to hold them.

Now a little about the creator. Erica Ekren Ferraris is the lady behind Odelae Studio, located in the Pacific Northwest. She loves to hand stitch, derivative from a bookbinding class during college that seriously sparked her interest. She is a bookbinder by trade, these cards are just a lovely creative outlet. I don't really know much about bookbinding, but my experience with it leads me to believe it is one of those lost arts that is super awesome. I invite you to check out Monkeys Always Look and Mstetson Design where her bookbinding work and process is showcased. It really is a treat!

{image cred: Odelae Studio}

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