Friday, July 2, 2010

A Plethora of Pretties

So as I was browsing the world wide web, instead of doing work yesterday. Shocker right? But, I came across a page I would not normally click on.


If you have never thought to look at the hardware on Anthropologie you have been missing out! You wouldn't think it would be quite as extensive as it is. I guess it's not one of those things where you go "hey lets look for some hardware today!" But I can say this, if you are planning on redo-ing your furniture or just trying to give your bathroom or kitchen cabinets a lift, these would do it for you! Each one is just so lovely, so intricate, so ornate and just surprising in so many ways. They are tiny little joys on your drawers. It is making me thing of ways I can use them just so I can buy some!

Oh and do any of you gals get the feeling that if some of these were shoe clips that would be totally awesome!? I do, I would have the same, but different shoes for every day of the month!

So, do you have any ideas for these? Let me know. I would love to find some ways to incorporate these into my decor without just changing all the hardware on everything. They are just so lovely! I can't stop thinking about all the possibilities!

{image cred: Anthropologie}

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