Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Dream Haven

Wow. This was an incredible find.

So, if you had the resources to create a getaway, just for yourself what would it be? I have never stopped to think about this, but now all I can envision is this tiny, cozy piece of heaven.

OK, so a little back story. Sandra Foster of My Shabby Streamside Studio turned an old decrepit hunting cabin in the Catskills into an amazing Victorian retreat. And yes, she did it all herself, on $3000. That is just impressive. Oh wait, what I mean by "she did it all herself" she really did! She renovated this place from the ground up. She scoured antique shops and thrift stores to find window panes and floorboards. She even did all of the gingerbread trimming herself. Impressive you say? I think so!

And the reason for it all, it is what she wanted. I suggest you read the article posted by none of than The New York Times. Her and her husband have had a pretty rough go of it, but with heart and hard work anything is possible. They are part of such a sweet story, it really shows you that anything can be built on love. Besides that they really exemplify that love is all you need to be happy in life. They are living proof.

OK now for the pretties!

It is just so beautiful. What an amazing retreat to dream about. I am fully jealous of her hideaway, but she totally deserves it way more than I ever could. Stories like theirs are so humbling.

Now this cute little 9'x14' place has no bath or kitchen. It is simply a retreat just for her. She resides with her husband in the "Groove Tube," the small trailer located on their property.

It looks like something out of a dream. It is so plush, dainty, light and perfect. Oh and what I wouldn't do for a sleeping loft that looks that comfy?

This really is one of the more beautiful finds I have come across, not only visually but emotionally as well. I really do hope that all of you read the article linked at the beginning of this post. It makes the story all that much more incredible.

Have fun dreaming!

Punctuate away,


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