Friday, July 16, 2010


These are so cool! Frank Chimnero, is a self described "graphic designer, illustrator, teacher, maker, & writer in Portland, Oregon." These prints are absolutely amazing. He has started this ongoing personal project that is, "meant to be an explanation of form. Take the silhouette of a US state, and fit something inside of it." How clever!

I really love how seemingly tactile these are for being prints. So great!

So if you are loving these as much as I am, or you are in need of a unique way to display some state pride, you can travel over here, and buy a print! Well it looks like he doesn't have it up and running yet, but the link is there for when he does. 

I can't wait to see what he does for Maryland! And oh yeah, I guess if I got one of those the Hubs would make me buy one for Virginia no matter how non-great the state is :). (Gotta make sure he is paying attention!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

{image cred: Frank Chimnero via Jeremy & Kathleen}

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