Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh The Places You Will Go

Maps! I have always had quite an affection for them, but then there is the question...what do you do with them? I mean lets face it, maps are sort of past their prime. Everyone has GPS now, no one has a million maps to here there and everywhere stuffed in the pockets of their car seats. Don't get me wrong, maps are extremely useful and they still have their functional place, but for us regular, everyday, GPS using people they are just pretty and sort of vintage esque.

So how do we continue to incorporate them into our lives? We decorate with them! And in the most wonderful of ways too. I love maps, I always have. I find their colors rather comforting and their overall aesthetic warm and easy to look at. Just look!


I think most of these would be absolutely fabulous for a travel themed wedding. Just think there are bouquets, broaches, origami, garlands, the possibilities are endless. Not to mention the overall color theme here. I would adore having most of these items hanging from my ceiling. How fun would that curtain of paper cranes be above a bed or a couch? I would just hate to keep them dust free, oh well. Form over function that is my motto!

What do you think? Are maps a thing of the past? Should they be preserved or crafted?

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