Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sip a Little Inspiration

I am pretty positive you all are familiar with The Dieline. If you aren't then you need to check it out before we go any further! I am not a huge lover of package design, well designing it, I love love love looking at it. Just ask the Hubs. Grocery shopping me with is impossible. Anyway, The Dieline is a really great source for package design inspiration. It isn't on my daily reads, but when I am working on a project it is a go to source for inspirations.

With that said, earlier this year The Dieline creator Andrew Gibbs, developed The Dieline Wine. Now I don't know about you, but don't take me down the wine aisle. I will buy a bottle of wine for its looks quicker than anything. And truth be told, I really don't like wine all that much. More than likely that is because I don't know crap about wine and I buy wine based on the label. Ha! It happens.

The Dieline Wine was created for the purpose of:
"promoting the wine label and wine packaging industry. Its purpose is to define and promote the world’s best wine packaging design, and provide a place where the wine design community can review, critique and stay informed of the latest industry trends and design projects being created in the field."
Well I am not in the wine industry, but I find this site incredibly appealing! Just look!

Last but not least, some Swiss design. Absolutely brilliant, as usual.
It is a site that is definitely worth a browse or two. Even if you aren't a wine lover, the typography inspiration you can gain from this site is so totally worth it. I also found that some designers played with very usual themes for this particular product. It is refreshing. I also enjoy a design site that isn't afraid to embrace a little humor or pun on words, did you check out the table wine? I adore that concept!

It's nice to get back to some pure and simple graphic design. My brain has been a bit scattered lately, but I think it's because my subconscious is secretly trying to tell me that in all truth, I am confused. That is OK for right now, but I need to have some sort of a plan. Maybe I need to stop harping on that and let things fall into place as they are. Any and all advice is welcome. What is the best "life plan" of action here? Lay low and let good things come, or make it happen?

{image cred: The Dieline Wine}

Punctuate away,



  1. I like the first ones and the second to last ones. I think I need to start collecting wine bottles! I'm totally guilty of buying a product based on packaging. Never tell a graphic designer not to judge a book by its cover!

    My advice: move to Boston and make it happen! You know you want to!!

  2. I do want to! But I have Jon to consider. And he wants to stay right here forever, or move back to Stafford. Those are my options. And that second one, NEVER going to happen. So if you can convince Jon that Boston is a good thing, I will be moving. But, yeah, good luck with that!

  3. My letter to Jon:

    Dear Jon,

    In just two weeks time Boston will become the best city in the world. Why is this, you may ask? Well, it is because I will be living there. Duh. The only thing that could make it better is if you and Jessie-Lee move up there too. I'm sure there are plenty of teaching jobs for you and there are tons of opportunities for graphic designers for Jessie-Lee. I need Jessie-Lee in my life on a more consistent basis and I think it would benefit the entire art world if we were in the same city: Boston. And on top of that I know you are not a Yankees fan (we won't go into why) and what city is there that has a bigger rivalry with them? I know, I know my logic is undeniable. Let me know when your lease is up and I'll help you guys find a place up in Boston:) Glad we could come to an agreement!

    Your fellow future Bostonian,

  4. You just made my day :)but I will let him respond with any thoughts on that brilliant piece of correspondence.


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