Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I know, I know butterflies are so sixth grade. Don't lie, I know you had the embroidered jeans and the twin set tops decorated with the things. Well I did at any rate, and they were the coolest thing ever!

I have posted about butterflies before, but I promise this is in a much different manner. No butterflies were harmed during the production of these images. It is purely synthetic.

With that said, butterflies have an innate sense of beauty. I think that is why they are seen as treasures. They are also represent the purity involved in transformation. This is why I think they are a perfect theme for a wedding. But, only if it is done right! We all know how corny this theme can get, just think about the wallpaper in your Grandmother's kitchen. Ick!

Well here is how you do it right; cake, dress, invites and bouquet, with class not corny!

These in no way look like Grandma's wallpaper. I think these idea are some great alternatives to some traditional wedding details.

I am really loving that cake. I found a great Etsy shop, BUTTERFLYBAZAAR that provides this particular color way as well as monochromatic ones. And they are very reasonably priced. Just think how much cheaper it would be to get a plain white cake and then add these beauties to it. You could spend the savings on some awesome fillings (mmmmm!).

I also enjoy the idea of this alternative bouquet. Unfortunately my wedding bouquet was lost, along with one of my Mom-Mom's handkerchiefs before we left the venue the next morning. Very, very sad. This type of bouquet doesn't need drying, or preservation, it can stay beautiful in its original form forever! How great of an heirloom piece would that be? Thank goodness for Etsy vendors and idotakeu.

That dress! Enough said. Insanely beautiful. From Luly Yang Couture.

The invites. This is how you do butterflies non-corny. The invite is kept simple and the detail shines in the two tone butterflies. Brilliant! From inkylivie.

{image cred: in order of appearance, 1, 2, 3, 4}

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