Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

Urgh. Today is an awful day. I loathe being sick. I feel all wrong and the worst part is when I get sick, I get loopy. Being tired, taking medicine and the fever just put me in one of those crazy places. So in light of all that I am drinking a ton of tea and honey. It got me thinking about comfort places and things, and what other place is more comforting than a kitchen? It's where we take pleasure in cooking, it's where our Mom's have always hung out and it's where you come together with your family at the end of everyday.

I need to get back home to my kitchen (not my tiny apartment kitchen, I mean my Mom's big 'ol kitchen full of goodies). But what makes a kitchen like this? It's all the heirloom stuff that you can't imagine your Mom's kitchen not having. You know, that apron, those cookbooks, those old measuring cups, the tea towels; get my picture here? Well one day when I have a house and kiddo's, I want these things from Anthropologie, to make them always think of me when they are all grown up and sick.

deviled egg plate
measuring spoons
salt and pepper shakers

more for the salt and pepper

measuring spoons
cocktail cook book
practical cook book
measuring spoons
measuring cups
cookie jar
bottle opener
oven protection
kitchen timer
super classy apron
anniversary gift tea towel
RIFLE recipe cards
measuring cups
more RIFLE recipe cards
extra sexy apron
Aren't these items to die for? This is how I want my kitchen. I want every last piece. I want my grand kids to ask for Grandma's floral measuring cups when they get married. Amazing. Oh and if you are completely in love with those RIFLE recipe cards, check here for the box they go in. Yes, unbelievable I know.

So what room in your parents house do you just want to pick up and take with you? Any key items you would just have to have?

{image cred: Anthropologie}

Punctuate away,


P.S. I am so buying that deviled egg plate. The Hubs looooooves deviled eggs and this plate is so me. Must have!

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